Esko & Co Ltd.

A leading food manufacturer at the heart of the Indian Ocean

Our story

A leading food manufacturer

Esko & Co Ltd was founded in the 1970’s in Mauritius by Mr. Louis Lim Kian Siang, whose commitment to quality has inspired him to making Esko a household name amongst manufacturers of sweets, bubble gum, chocolates, biscuits, wafers & noodles in the Indian Ocean.

Success story

Esko has grown up alongside thousands of Mauritians since its establishment and receiving the Mauritius Business Excellence Award in 2011 is the result of our dedication to providing you with food of the highest quality and your continued commitment to our products.

Appetite for quality

Esko is an ISO9001:2015 and HACCP certified company with a young and vibrant team determined to making us one of the regional leaders in the food industry. Most of our products are Halal Certified. 

Esko & Co Ltd

Avenue des Oursins, Tombeau Bay MAURITIUS

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